About Dr. Jarrod Wilson

Dr. Jarrod Wilson, a South Florida native, embarked on a journey spanning traditional medicine and holistic wellness. His academic foundation in Biotechnology from Marshall University and medical education at the University of Miami laid the groundwork for his illustrious career.

Initially practicing at Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Wilson redirected his passion to serve people in a more comprehensive capacity. Currently seated as the Medical Director and Partner at The Remedy Health and Wellness, he is a driving force behind reshaping proactive health practices.

His unwavering dedication extends beyond conventional medical realms. Dr. Wilson’s expertise in hormone therapy, medical weight loss, lab reviews, and pioneering ketamine treatments reflects his commitment to holistic well-being.


Not confined to the medical arena, Dr. Wilson’s personal interests encompass weightlifting, basketball, and international motorcycle racing, all of which enrich his understanding of fitness and performance. He channels this passion into spearheading The Remedy’s weight loss and TRT programs.

His leadership role at The Remedy Health and Wellness stands as a testament to his fusion of medical expertise and a fervent desire to help individuals achieve independent lifestyle goals. Dr. Jarrod Wilson remains devoted to empowering individuals on their proactive health journeys, steering them toward vitality and well-being.