If you’re dragging—maybe you’re hungover, not getting enough sleep, or recovering from a cold—try a glutathione IV drip today. Not only will it keep your skin looking radiant, but you may also feel refreshed and revived.


Rehydrate and Recover from a Hangover, Jet Lag or General Dehydration.

(B12/B Complex, 1000mL Isolyte-S multi electrolyte fluids. Choose either Zofran or Ketalorac. $25 upcharge for both.)


Boost your immune system with Vital nutrients that can help arm your body to fight off Colds, Flu’s, Viruses and other infections, Also great for Preop Surgery or traveling to prevent illness.

(Mega-Dose Vitamin C, Zinc, B12/B Complex, 500mL 0.9% NSS Fluids)


Increase physical performance and recover/ heal from intense athletic training or Post surgical interventions.

(1000mL Isolyte-S 7.4pH multi electrolyte rich fluids, Tri-Aminos, Zinc, Glutathione)


Detoxify your body and fill it with the right combination of nutrients to give your skin, hair and nails exactly what it needs to glow and grow while slowing the aging process.

(500mL 0.9% NSS fluids, B12, B Complex, Zinc, Tri-Aminos, Mega-Dose Glutathione)


Combine ALL the most powerful nutrients AND detoxification agents to prepare your body for ANYTHING.

(1000mL Isolyte-S 7.4pH multi electrolyte fluids, B12, B Complex, MegaDose Vit C, Tri Aminos, Zinc, Glutathione)