About Kenneth Longo

Kenneth Longo embarked on a multifaceted career journey, commencing as a dedicated professional within the Plantation Fire Department. His commitment to service and aiding others laid the foundation for his subsequent endeavors.

Transitioning to the healthcare realm, Kenneth contributed his expertise in emergency care at Cleveland Clinic Hospital’s esteemed emergency room. This experience granted him invaluable insights into the intricate dynamics of medical care.

In 2019, driven by an unwavering passion for holistic healing, Kenneth established The Remedy. With an astute focus on mastering IV therapy, he swiftly emerged as a recognized authority in this field. The Remedy’s remarkable growth was a testament to Kenneth’s magnetic charisma, extensive industry connections, and invaluable assets.

Kenneth Longo’s journey is not merely about professional accomplishments. It’s rooted in a profound dedication to holistic healing practices and a genuine desire to positively impact people’s lives. His unwavering commitment to fostering well-being remains at the heart of his life’s work.