About Kevin O'Connor

Born and raised in South Florida, Kevin O’Connor began his illustrious journey in healthcare by obtaining a Paramedic license from Broward College in 2002. His path was diversified by a wide array of experiences, ranging from interfacility transport to offering overnight care in mental health units, catering to individuals facing profound challenges.

Transitioning to the Oakland Park Fire Rescue in 2003 proved to be a pivotal career move for Kevin. His dedication and expertise saw him ascend to the role of Rescue Lieutenant, showcasing remarkable leadership during critical situations as part of FEMA’s national disaster response team in 2004.

Kevin’s commitment to healthcare education was evident through collaborations with prestigious institutions like Nursing Unlimited, Keiser University, Broward College, and Nova University. He served as a certified instructor for a spectrum of critical medical courses, constantly enriching his knowledge and passion for evolving healthcare practices.

In 2015, Kevin underwent a significant paradigm shift by delving into holistic healing and functional medicine. This transformative journey broadened his perspectives on proactive health solutions. This profound expertise and experience culminated in Kevin’s decision to retire from the fire department in 2020 and co-found The Remedy Health and Wellness.

As the CEO, partner, and co-founder of The Remedy Health and Wellness, Kevin O’Connor is committed to providing proactive solutions and alternative treatments tailored to individuals’ unique healthcare goals. Leveraging a comprehensive background in emergency response, medical education, and a fervent dedication to holistic health, Kevin remains steadfast in his pursuit of offering comprehensive, patient-centered care.